Grass Silage

We are confident we have the best set up and most efficient method for making the best quality bulk silage.

Chop length is critical to help on the stack with even compaction to ensure the process isn’t spoiled.

It all starts with communication with our clients for grass quality, careful farm map studying with clients to ensure the right paddocks are mown first and in the right order at the right time, weather checks and knowing the area. Then heavy hitting it with our highly skilled team and latest machinery suited for our Taranaki conditions.

  • 2x Claas Harvesters
  • 2x Schuitemaker loader wagons
  • 12 Ton silage trailers with flotation tyres
  • 3x Tractors with Buckrakes
  • 12,15,18 Meter Silage Covers
  • Liquid and Granular inoculants applied correctly
  • Claas Swathers
  • 6m and 9m Tedders


We are 100% passionate about Maize Silage and our experience. Our machinery can help your business benefit from a proven crop “Maize Silage”. We offer our experience to help you all the way starting from

  • Advertise on growing on farm or buying maize silage
  • Fertilizer and paddock selection
  • Maize hybrid selection
  • Storage and Management
  • Feed budgeting and nutrient advise



We run 2x Maize Planters which are supported with our Hiab truck carrying seed and fertilizer

  • 8 row planter, Electronic drive, Row shut off
  • 120kg Downward pressure for optional DIRECT DRILLING
  • GPS Autosteer guidance


We run a tractor on row crop tyres fitted with GPS and a two tonne Urea Fertilizer hopper supported with our Hiab truck for another stress free one call phone call service.


We run 2x Claas Harvesters.

We pride ourselves on our reputation on smashing the Maize kernels with our up to date fully serviced Kernel processors. One of which is a new American processor which is called SHREDLAGE, we have the only Shredlage machine in Taranaki. It allows us to have a chop length if requested of 25ml to gain fibre and still smash the maize kernals with its patient design www.shredlage.com


We offer 3x tractors with buck rakes and front blades, 12-14 tonne units all over 200hp. Another piece of machinery we are proud to be the only contractor offering is a 3.6 tonne set of train wheels, for compacting maize which is attached to the tractor.


We offer four different silage inoculants and can advise you on the right inoculant for your investment.

  • 12,15,18 metre silage covers
  • Clear cling film for airtight silage covering
  • Dry matter testing
  • Certified weigh bridge
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