We treat Cultivation as a crutal part of our cropping operation.

It is a investment that needs to be done properly and correctly to the soil conditions that are on hand.

We have two sub contractors that help us with ploughing and discing. This gives us the time to concentrate on the seed bed preparation and planting.

We have a eight leg Alpelgo deep rippers for breaking the soil compaction and protecting the organic matter on continual cropped paddock.

We run two Amazone power harrows

3m Trailing Leveler

  • 2x Claas Harvesters
  • 2x Schuitemaker loader wagons
  • 12 Ton silage trailers with flotation tyres
  • 3x Tractors with Buckrakes
  • 12,15,18 Meter Silage Covers
  • Liquid and Granular inoculants applied correctly
  • Claas Swathers
  • 6m and 9m Tedders
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